WordPress Websites

WordPress is very popular and is a great open source Content Management System that is constantly updated and maintained, giving our clients peace of mind that they are using up to date technology at the “back end”. 

Websites often require knowledge and skill to get them set up correctly, especially if there are specific design and technical requirements.  WordPress websites are relatively easy to maintain post build and we recommend Rochen Host for hosting your site.


As experienced WordPress designers, we know that setting WordPress to auto-update for all elements – core, plugins and themes is a good idea. We believe this is the best option for most of our clients – and the settings we use on our own website.

If you have a particularly complex website or an unusual mix of plugins, it maybe that it’s not recommended to set plugins to auto-update.  Using the manual option helps to ensure no clashes occur. 

We offer support and maintenance packages post build, meaning we’re updating any more complex plugins, keeping an eye on security reports, helping you with content updates, new menu items, graphic design elements – giving you time to spend on your business.

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