Importance of Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

February 7, 2014    

Importance of Word of Mouth

I’ve been thinking about our own marketing strategy for TPG Design and as part of that have been asking people I meet at networking events, friends and acquaintances and anyone else who will spare the time where do they get their business from?

From my sample of everyone I’ve met throughout the first 6 weeks of this year, 100% of them have said that the majority of their business comes from word of mouth and recommendation.  I thought that was interesting as it reminded me of a quote I read:

“Yesterday’s brand was the sum of everything you said you did. Today’s brand is the sum of everything people say about you.”

Source: Erik Qualman, Socialnomics

So, not forgetting to ask their permission first, don’t be shy and post all your glowing client testimonials on your:

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