Why Fonts are important

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Fonts are important

Fonts are often over looked and under rated for the power that they can hold if used correctly and appropriately. We all look at text but never really understand the importance of how it’s being used and written so that we can freely and comfortably read; but also how the font effects the tone and emphasis of what is written.

Fonts are important because they make up the majority of what we look at, they play a vital role in all forms of media and communication. Just imagine reading a magazine, newspaper, viewing website or using your phone without text?

How would we fully understand what we are looking at?

Using fonts correctly

When fonts are used correctly they often go unnoticed because they just makes sense and seem natural!

This is why fonts are important and should be used thoughtfully.

Here’s an example, of two articles that are using the same text, which of them is appropriate for its subject?

When looking at the examples ask yourself:

-Which one looks professional?
-Which one is easier to read?
-Which one would you keep reading?

Fonts are important

The example on the left is clear, simple and comfortable to read compared to the one on the right which is difficult to read due to the mixture of colours, fonts and sizing.

Here are some tips when choosing and using fonts

Does it work – When choosing a font be sure to think about the tone of your business and how the font will represent it. Does it follow your businesses brand?

Structure – When structuring text make it easier to read by adding headings, paragraphs, bolding and italics. This helps to structure the text and helps readers to see keywords.

Sizing and styling – Be sure to use the right sizing and colors so that it makes your content more vibrant and interesting.

Alignment – Alignments goes in hand with structured content, by having your content structured and aligned it helps to unifies your content as a whole – making it tidy and organised.

Consistency – This is important for all the topics mentioned above. Be sure to be consistent with your fonts and styling, so that it makes your content smooth, clear and consist with your other pages and articles.

That said, don’t forget to be creative with your fonts!

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