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Website Structuring – Questions to Think About

June 13, 2014     / / /

website structuring

TPG has been working with a client recently who needed a total refresh and help on their website structuring.  The first thing to work out, is what do you want your customers to do when they get to your website?

  • Is it to buy a single product or service – a straight forward transaction?
  • Do all your products and services have equal weighting – is one more important that the other?
  • Read about what you do and become intrigued – is it an unusual topic that needs some explaining?
  • Look at your testimonials – are they buying your company’s experience?
  • See your personal credentials – are customers buying into you?
  • Or simply to get in touch?

If you need help on your website structuring or a re-design, spend sometime thinking about what you want your customers to do. Or let us help  you with it!

Not just any old website will do, your website needs to be the best!