Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

January 23, 2015     /

Website Maintenance

Putting your website live is the first step, what about website maintenance?

It’s an exciting time, you’ve spent time and money on your new website that may have included professional photography, new logo, branding etc.. But, just like having your garden redesigned, it will need to be maintained. The grass will grow and will need cutting, the decking will need cleaning and re-oiling and plants will need to be pruned, tied back and maybe some new plants chosen.

Putting your site live, it just the start of the journey, keeping it maintained and up to date with latest versions of software, security patches, spam filters, content updates etc… will keep it running smoothly.

To keep your website well maintained, don’t forget to keep your password/user details at hand for:

  • admin access
  • cpanel and hosting details
  • checking tools for speed testing and optimisation

The above pointers are true for all sizes of website whether a 4 page brochure site or a large ecommerce site. It’s also useful to run a 301 re-directs check to make sure that organic searches are pointing to the right page in your site.

If you need someone to look after your site maintenance get in touch with TPG:


Tel: 0208 780 9754