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A review of our recent work

June 25, 2020    

Web designers Richmond

As a change of blog topic, we thought we’d showcase some of our recent projects over the past few months.  There’s been a wide variety of business sectors as well as technologies used.

 3 new SquareSpace sites launched

We were lucky to sign up a new client just before lockdown started with gusto. They found us searching for a local web designer and, after a selection process, chose to work with TPG Design.
As a niche professional services business based in Richmond, they had a neat small first launch SquareSpace website. They were keen to move it to the next stage as their business had developed since it launched about a year ago. 
TPG provided advice on separating out their services, a more statement home page and developing their team page. From a content perspective, we worked with the team to produce new focussed meta descriptions site/page titles and naming for photos. 
After a month or so, they were ready to go live and are really pleased with their upgraded site – ready for Phase 2 which is coming over Summer 2020. 
This project is a great example of a new business that, along with all the other start-up jobs that need to be done, had a quick website built.  But now, it doesn’t quite fit the bill in terms of the wider business. This is a really common situation that business owners find themselves in and is totally normal! Getting a new start up off the ground is a time consuming job and having a quick and simple site up is part of that.   In fact, it’s an exciting time to realise that the business has settled in and it’s time to reflect on and develop the initial site.
Our second SquareSpace site was for a new business proposition and they came to us through another existing client recommendation. This site needed to be small but perfectly formed for a niche financial services area that pivoted its services due to Covid-19. Our client was happy for us to re-jig some of their existing content and turn it around to be fresh and SEO focussed towards their niche service. After a quick turnaround and approval, the site was ready to go live. The site is fresh and has a reassuring and calm design whilst providing well placed calls to action to encourage site visitors to get in touch.
Our third SquareSpace site was for another new business and came through a personal friendship. Our client was keen for us to just “get on with it” and make decisions on appropriate written and photographic content. They are working in the domestic and construction business and needed a quick turnaround (1 week) for their planned go live date. The site was approved and the deadline met ready to hit the ground running as apart of their business launch. 
Over the past nearly 4 months of lockdown, we’ve finished 3 eCommerce sites, all using different content management systems!
The first one was Woo Commerce, part of the WordPress family.  One of our existing clients has a large complicated site with well over 200 products that used both public and trade accounts. The products were all re-formatted to be more uniform as over time they had been inputted by different people, making them appear inconsistent and therefore not easy on the eye. The site is very visual the display of products needs to be as clean and as appealing as possible. 
After a couple of months of intensive work, the site went live and it’s great to know it’s working well with a much improved user experience, updated technology and new payment systems.
The second eCommerce site uses Shopify, a complete shopping content management system.  A new client that came to us through a recommendation from one of our long standing clients – about 13 years!  A west country food producer has been experiencing a spike in sales and their Shopify website hadn’t been set up to manage all the back-office paperwork, alongside image formatting and organising the content so everything was neater and easier to find. 
After 3 weeks, their website stock and order systems are running much more smoothly and providing meaningful information for them to work with.  TPG Design is now working with them on a monthly basis to help out with website content and further technical development.  We’re looking forward to working together to develop their site content for keyphrases and interest.
The final eCommerce site was smaller than the two above, but nonetheless, important and was driven by the necessity of lockdown and not being able to meet other people. Our client was a personal stylist who cleverly pivoted her services to offer online style programmes both now and in the future/post lockdown. We worked together to nail down the content and provide the right images.   This was all done using the built in SquareSpace eCommerce functionality – and it worked really well. SquareSpace sells a good dream on DIY, but can be overwhelming if it’s not your job to know it!
It was a pleasure to work together and help our client add to her service offering by going online.
Working with an established, flexible, knowledgeable and “no-jargon” web designer can do wonders for your website.
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We’re based in Richmond, Surrey, but our clients are based anywhere between Liverpool and the West Country.

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