Valuable Content Creation for Inbound Marketing – Getting Started

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Valuable content creation for inbound marketing

Writing blog posts and valuable content creation for inbound marketing is something we know we should all be doing, but knowing where to start before putting fingers to keyboard can be tricky.

TPG Design has put together a short plan of how to produce great blog pieces.

Valuable Content Creation for Inbound Marketing

The aim of our carefully crafted content is for our site visitors to:

Read – read what we’ve written, engage with us, bring us to the forefront of their minds

Share – share it with their colleagues, groups via share it buttons, social media etc..

Sign up – to our blogs, newsletters to keep in touch, come back for more.

Research Your Topic

Choosing your topic is key and you can plan your topics by thinking about who you are writing for and what do you want them to do with it (see above).  Thinking about what their business concerns are, how you can help them and demonstrating your expertise.

Once you’ve decided on your audience and thought about their business concerns, this should lead you to your keywords and then give you your title.

Types of Content

Using case studies is a great way to get started and can help to get the juices flowing. With your client’s permission, use a testimonial to back it up. This approach, gives you the all important opportunity to showcase your expertise without it sounding too salesy.

Downloads, white papers are also useful but need time to plan and write.

Templates/forms or check lists help with establishing and then addressing business concerns if you angle your checklists to who you are writing for correctly.

Don’t forget visual content is an instant attention grabber, using photos or infographics can really help illustrate your blog’s key points, statistics etc.


Where to post? Your website, social media, groups you are a member of.  What groups do your target audience belong to, where do they do their research?  If you’ve put all the effort into writing valuable content, you want it to be seen and appreciated!

Wrap Up

Valuable content creation takes thought and planning and the starting point has to be thinking about who you are writing for and everything else will flow from there.

Don’t forget quality over quantity and not too salesy.

If you need help with your inbound marketing techniques or would like to know more get in touch:

E: Email TPG

T: 0208 780 9754

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