Call To Action Buttons

Using Call To Action Buttons

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Call To Action Buttons

Call to Action Buttons, what are they and how to make them work for you.  In the last of our jargon busters, TPG summarises their uses.

What Are They?

A Call to Action is a term used to make your reader do something – whether that’s to download your research, buy a product or read your blog.

In the digital world, they are most commonly a button that when clicked lead you to the company’s website or download area.   The language used on the button varies and we discuss the different reasons behind your choices.

Exclusivity – Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The exclusivity angle makes the reader feel they are getting something special, limited or exclusive.    They want to be the first to have it, like being on a waiting list for the next gadget or miracle face cream. To create  FOMO, how about trying such phrases as:

  • Reserve Your Place
  • Pre-order
  • Register Interest
  • See What’s New

Creating Urgency

Another angle is to create a sense of urgency or immediacy.  You need to press the button now – if you don’t you’ll forget! For this approach, try expressions such as:

  • Get the Facts Now
  • Get Started Now
  • Limited Offer
  • Start Shopping

Creating Intrigue 

Finally, if you want to create intrigue and pique your reader’s interest give these phrases a go:

  • See What’s New
  • Discover The Benefits
  • Take a Look
  • Learn More

Design Considerations

Your Call To Action should be:

  • Approximately 20% bigger than your logo
  • Well placed – at the top or visible without scrolling down
  • Highlight or accent colour in relation to the rest of your website or newsletter

And finally, don’t have too many Call To Actions, it will confuse your readers. Back to top