Top Tips – Skimming not Sinking – Page Layout

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Skimming not Sinking – 6 Top Tips for Page Layout

People visiting websites tend to skim read to find the information they need, rather than wading through long paragraphs.

Make sure the information you want to get across is easily accessible with these 6 pointers:

* Think about what people want to know and how to give the information to them

* Keep the text short and concise, bullet points help layout important points

* Add relevant images or illustrations so visitors can quickly find the information they want

* Increase font size, bold or underline to draw attention to certain points. But don’t overdo it!

* Keep text around 60 characters per line (about 500px wide) – an acceptable length for the eye to travel back and forth.

* Just remember to keep it simple; cramped and busy pages will turn people away

With these points in mind, you’re on the right path to keeping your visitors interested and coming back.

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