Time for that Spring into marketing vitality….

March 25, 2013     / /

Spring is SUPPOSED to be peeping it’s head out… and whilst we in the UK are feeling like the weather is actually that of a harsh winter we nonetheless turn our hopes towards rebirth, new growth, and general spring vitality.

Despite the cold it is now time to be thinking about getting my chilli seeds potted.. ready for another bumper crop of fiesty little beauties.

And so our thoughts turn to our own growth and shaking off the inevitable crust of winter.

Like most companies, we at TPG do go through cycles of evolution:

  • times of growth, innovation and development
  • times of fire fighting to deliver the quality we always strive for even when a rush of work knocks at our door
  • times to draw our breath, regain strength

It might be the time of year – but we are feeling like refreshed plants again – ready to grow vibrant, flower and bear our creative fruit!

With a little less analogy and metaphor what that really means for us at TPG – is starting once more with the basics…

Getting back to some of the many marketing activities that we preach to our clients… or in the words of Jonathan Livingston Seagull – “You teach best what you most need to learn”…

Here we share our top priorities to promote the great services we provide… It should be a list which most of us could do with reviewing at least once a year….:

Spring Healthcheck for our website – read through the content on our website…. it could probably do with some updates – remove those old dates, check emails and contact forms all work… click through, check error logs, runs some maintenance tools, check the validate against updated web standards… the list does go on!

Write up a Case Study of every project from the last 6 months, and try and keep up for future projects as part of the completion process

  1. request a brief testimonial from our happy clients (hopefully all of them)
  2. update our web site with the Case Study
  3. update our blog site with the Case Study
  4. send out a press release on-line… more for our own in-bound link building
  5. take screen-grabs and add them to our various flickr, Google+, Facebook pages
  6. tweet a little celebratory tweet…
  7. add a summary to a monthly email newsletter
  8. send a monthly newsletter
  9. and last but not least… get on and do the things above even when things are really, really busy – which they usually are!

Hope it is a great Spring and Q2 for you all.