Life and Technology moves on

The Responsive Revolution

November 28, 2013     / / / / /

Life and Technology moves on

Life and Technology moves on…

We visited the Digital Marketing Show yesterday and listened to some interesting seminars on Google’s new search tool, Hummingbird, the importance of Google plus for search listings (sounds like Google is going to take over the world?), SEO and last but not least, our favorite topic of Responsive Design.  A Google statistic (yes, Google again) is that 30% of original searches are done on mobile devices.  That’s a lot and it’s up from last year at 21%.

If your existing site looks messy on mobile devices (includes phones and tablets) it’s a relatively easy process to transfer your content over to a responsive design. We’re good at this and it’s always a good feeling to know your site is readable on all screen sizes – one less thing to wake up thinking about!

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