great email signatures

The Nature of Great Email Signatures

March 25, 2015    

great email signatures

As more people are able to access and use the internet, the amount of email addresses created continues to grow. This is due to the increase of people using social networking, online shopping and banking as these services all require the user to have a email address.

There are around 4.3 billion email address and this number continues to grow. Having a distinctive and memorable email signature is a superb way of helping your business standout.

Did you know there are around 2.6 billion email users worldwide or that’s over 200 billion emails are sent every day.

Having a great email signature allows you to make your emails unique and gives your email some personality.

Here are some examples of our email logo banners that we have used. We often create new email signatures to represent specific events or seasons, as well as a corporate one. Can you guess what some of them are ?

Spring prints
Spring fox

Key elements of making a great email signature

  • Include your name and business name
  • Using your business logo and/or small images.
  • Include some contact details either within the graphic or underneath
  • Match your brand fonts and color scheme
  • Promote your social media
  • structure your content

Here is a example of my email signature.


It is a simple email signature but it uses all the different elements mentioned above, structuring the content makes the signature look neat and easy to read. Adding your social media to you email signature is a great way to help promote your business, but Make sure that you link the social media icons to your social media.

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