Social Media – Time to Reflect and Renew?

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TPG Design Social Media Training

TPG Design attended a Social Media training workshop in October and found it a useful reminder to reflect and review our current activities.  It’s easy to set off down a path and not take an audit of what you are doing and whether it’s useful and meeting your business goals.

Our checkpoints below are a useful list for both businesses using social media and those about to start.

Social Media Audit Checkpoints

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  • Channels- are you using the right one for your audience? Has it changed over time?  What channel/s do your potential clients use?
  • Follows/Forums- are you following/Subscribed to the right thought leaders/industry newsletters? Keeping up to date with these thought leaders will enable you to take part in interesting forums, take inspiration for your own blog posts.
  • Goals – have they changed – does your social media need updating?
  • Profiles- recent photo of yourself, testimonials? Do your profiles provide a cohesive brand image and business personality?


Your website should be the golden source for your social media channels.  You should be linking back to your website from your profiles and your social media icons should be easy to find on your website.   A good way to drive traffic to your website is to provide tasters of your content on your social media with a link to your website to read the full piece.

If you’d like a social media training session with TPG Design – whether you are new to the game or want an audit of your current channels, just get in touch!

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