Planning Inbound Marketing for Financial Services Campaigns

Planning Inbound Marketing Campaigns

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Planning Inbound Marketing for Financial Services Campaigns

Definition of an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing channels around a single offer and goal that is based around the challenges of one of your target market.

The aim of planning inbound marketing for Financial Services campaigns is to entice strangers to your offer/download, with the aim of them becoming a customer at the close of the sale. Depending on what stage of the sales funnel they are at, you can use different offers or techniques.

There are 5 steps to planning Inbound marketing for Financial Services campaigns:

  1. Define campaign details – what your goals, time frame and who are is your target market
  2. Select or create your offer – depending on what stage of the sales funnel you are at, it could be a blog piece, a free download, a video or software comparison piece.
  3.  Convert contacts Рmake sure you think about your keywords and create a landing page to capture their details.
  4. Promote campaign – where do your target market do they research, browsing – what time of day? You could consider paid for search as well as organic search.
  5. Review and repeat – every campaign’s results will be different and it’s important to review the metrics and find out what worked and what needs tweaking.

One of the best things about an inbound marketing campaign is that the visitor to your site has already shown interest in your product or service offering therefore avoiding the cold sales feel.

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