Our approach

Our objectives are fairly straightforward; provide you with the highest quality web site, SEO or inbound marketing campaign for the most reasonable amount of money in the best time possible.

In order to achieve that we will take your organisation through a stimulating design process composed of artistic inspiration checked by usability requirements. We use the latest in creative technology, to produce the delicate balance between design and functionality.

The best part of this whole process is that, you, the client, will be involved in every step of the design process.

Project management

At TPG we are proud that all of our developers and Project Managers are PRINCE2 certified. However, the reality of most developments require an approach that can also easily be understood and engaged with by all stakeholders – many of whom will usually not have formal Project Management training.

In 1996, after a year of producing websites, Tom sat down and scribbled on a piece of paper to try and establish a “process” which could be consistently followed, regardless of the requirement…. This is what he came up with – and we still use these key stages in all our developments – large of small!

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Through various well established review processes we will identify and clarify your requirements.
We will review your own existing materials, similar websites, input from various stakeholders and any other considerations which help to better understand the full scope of the requirement.


We will distil the information and knowledge we have gathered during the Discovery stage into useful reference documents that allow all stakeholders to have visibility on the agreed scope, deliverables and milestones.

Various documents and notes might be produced including:
– Requirements / Functional Specs / Wireframes / Acceptance Criteria / Schedules / Project Plans / Site Maps / Flow diagrams etc.


First impressions do count, and when it comes to the many choices offered by today’s world, so does design. We believe that your organisation, your products and your brand should be the focus.

That is why we utilise bold, daring and challenging designs to promote you. It is through these designs that we capture your audience, and create lasting impressions.

Our designs will also aim to enhance the focus of your website through engagement with users on a visual level.

Technical Design
During this phase we will also “design” the technical architecture, site structure, and agree the user journeys through the site to the information they are looking for – or not in some cases!


We will set-up a password protected development website for you to have access to review the work in progress.

We will also arrange regular meetings to discuss the progress, considerations and issues arising throughout the process. Meetings are usually “online” and conference calls -although will be in person when this best suits the discussion.


Things start to get exciting here. We deploy the site to the “live” server with password protection You get to test the site and provide feedback and change requests.


Once the site is made LIVE… this period allows for an agreed support process, on-going tweaks, refinements based on Live user feedback and a review of the process that got us all to this point.

We also look at what’s next.

Design principals

Our design principals are that that web site has to be:

• Fast loading.
• Search engine friendly.
• High degree of usability.
• Easy to navigate.
• Accessible.
• Compatible across different browsers.
• Manageable.
• Unique, attractive, un-cluttered and easy on the eye.

We are dedicated to, and have a passion for, producing simple, clear and usable customer-focused designs.