How to Write Blog Titles - 13 Phrases to Avoid

How to Write Blog Titles – 13 Words to Avoid

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How to Write Blog Titles - 13 Phrases to Avoid

Finding your blogging style comes over time and should be in harmony with your other website content – so if your content is formal, so should your blog style be.  Writing your blog title can be hard as you want to to say enough, but don’t want to give the game away to early on.

When developing your blog style, go back to thinking about who your buyer personas are, are they from a corporate or creative lead background? Is there a traditional style linked to communication from within that sector?

It can be easy to get carried away with jargon for your blog titles to try and capture your audience’s attention. Try not to be too sensational – whilst a bit of excitement does us good, too much sensation can lead to lack of credibility!

Keep your blog snappy – if you’re linking your blog topic to a personal experience, try and keep the focus on the message, rather than too much anecdotal chatting.

If the chunk of your “above the fold” content is reminiscing about a family event, the reader may easily loose concentration and move on.

Using the above, here are a 13 words to avoid in your blog title, from Neil Patel at KissMetrics.

How to Write Blog Titles – 13 Words to Avoid:

  • Revolutionary
  • Dynamic
  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Paradigm-shifting
  • Strategic
  • Leverage
  • Engagement
  • Track Record
  • Innovative
  • Problem Solving
  • Cutting-Edge
  • Solution
  • Collaborative
  • Results-oriented

Blog title generators often use a number focused statement – like our title above “Blog Titles 13 Words to Avoid” or 6 Signs Your Website Needs Investment. They provide a sucinct and inviting nod to the article, but don’t give away all the details.

If you’re stuck on ideas for your blog titles, have a play with these title generators:

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