How to promote your e-commerce website

How to promote your e-commerce website

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How to promote your e-commerce website
Whether you have just set up a new online store or have had one for a while, this useful checklist gives you a starting point to make sure you’re ticking the boxes for promoting your e-commerce website.

New e-commerce site?

If you have a new site and just launched it, don’t forget to take the password off and submit the site map to search engines.  Easily forgotten in the excitement of it all!

Specify your site page meta description

This is a must to give your site an identity, is succinct and describes in around 150 – 170 characters what your business is.  Continue using bespoke meta descriptions for all your product or service pages. Search engines like meta descriptions to be focussed on the page they are about, rather than generic site-wide or taking the first few lines of text from the page. 

Focus promotion to where your customers are

Promote your online shop in and around where your ideal buyers hang out and make sure you are specific with your keywords and phrases.
Remember to define your message and keep it consistent – this gives your brand a personality and a position in the market. 

Set up Google Analytics/Google Search Console and link them to your site. 

This will give you valuable information on how your site is being found, what keywords and phrases are being used and other useful demographics.   Meaningful information will probably take 2 -3 months to come through unless you have a lot of traffic early on. 

Product/Service Email

Set up an email mailout to announce any opening offers, promotions or discounts.  Plan to have a regular newsletter to publicise new products and being conscious of seasonal or other special occasions throughout the year.

Customise abandoned cart emails

These are a great way to keep those near purchases front of mind and to help guide buyers towards the end of the sales funnel.  Customising includes logos, font, colours and language choice that matches your website and other communications. 
Make sure you add calls to action to get in touch or for answering any questions that might be stopping the final purchase.


Need some help getting the best from your e-commerce website? Maybe you’ve recently put your products or services on line.   TPG Design work with many small and medium sized businesses to focus their search engine optimisation. You’ve got something to say, so let’s get it heard!



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