How to add a image to your Gmail Signature

In one of our previous articles ‘The Nature of Great Email Signatures‘, we spoke about the key elements of making a great email signature and how having an email signature makes your email more unique and personal.

This time, we are reviewing the steps to take when adding a image to your signature in Gmail.

When adding an image to an email signature on Gmail, it will need to be stored online. Gmail only allows url’s for images, so you can’t directly upload an image.

So if you already have a website, you could upload the image to the same place your website is hosted, if so move to Step 3.

If not don’t worry, this guide includes how to add a image with Gmail alone.

Step 1

To add a image to your Gmail Signature, first select a photo or picture from your PC, and send it to yourself in an email. To do this create a new email, In the To field, enter your email address, and drag and drop the image file in the message are field and then click Send.attach image to email


Step 2

Once you have received the email, open the email and right-click on the image. A pop up box should appear with a few different choices,  select Copy image address.

copy image url

Step 3

In the top right corner of gmail, there is a cog.  Clicking it will display a drop down, near the end of the drop down you should find settings.

gmail settings cog

Step 4

Locate the ‘Signature’ section near the bottom of the settings page.

gmail settings

Step 5

Next, click on the Insert Image option, and paste the URL of your image in the appropriate field. A preview of your image will appear, once it displays click ‘Ok’.

add image url

Step 6

At the base of the of the settings page, click ‘Save Changes’.

save changes gmail


Step 7

Now send an email to show off your new footer. Every time you create a new email it will show your Signature.

completed signature

Feel free to add some information about yourself like your name and email address. Also if you want to change your signature, just follow the steps again.

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