Google my business profile for 2020

Google My Business – Get set for 2020

December 13, 2019     /

Google my business profile for 2020

Google My Business is a great tool to help layer your on line presence. Think of it like filo pastry – keep layering up different channels, rather than one solid piece of shortcrust pastry. 

Google My Business is free and easy to manage. Here’s your 5 point plan to get your profile fit for 2020.


Sometimes things go wrong and a client may leave a bad review on your profile. It’s best to respond to them in a calm and professional manner, perhaps offer to have further contact to try and resolve the issue?

People buy from people and now-a-days we generally read reviews to seek others experiences before we buy. So keeping on top of any negative reviews demonstrates good customer care.

Don’t forget to say thank you to those who have left a great review!

Business Information

Complete all your business information in as much detail as possible.  Don’t forget for local search to enter in your address fully, not just London – add in Richmond or Wandsworth, for example, if your business is area sensitive. 

Business Description

Last year, Google added in the Description category.  This helps you to include more keywords for your business type – particularly useful if you have a niche area that is not covered in the drop-down category or service section. 

For example, if you had to choose Financial Services, but your business specialises in a niche area, this is your chance to showcase them and focus your profile.


Posts have been used for promotions, offers and events but perhaps the ability to upload videos has gone unnoticed. 

It’s a great feature to add personality to your page, or if you have FAQ’s or a new service/product to show case.  Another idea is to post a short team video, particularly if your team’s expertise are at the fore of your offering.


We all like photos, and it’s another opportunity to showcase your company’s personality, products, location or awards. Keep them up to date and name them with important keywords/phrases for your business.

Need help updating yor profile or some advice on how best to display your website content? Why not get in touch with Liz or Tom, we’ve lots of experience helping clients make the most of their online content – whether for products or services, e-commerce or a simple online presence. 

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