Tree of hands


August 8, 2013     /

Tree of hands

If you’ve dipped your toe in the water but now feel like you need to take the plunge with social media, there are tools that can help you manage your chosen channels in one place.

A popular choice for small businesses is Hootsuite, which allows you to manage a dashboard of up to 5 “social profiles” e.g. – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc. for free. There are then other more advance packages that require payment. Another time saving facility is that you can schedule posts to go up in the future over all/some of your social media channels. Useful if you’re going to be away or too busy over the next couple of weeks, for example.

Something which I like is the facility to shorten links e.g rather than pasting a link into a blog you are writing like:

Hootsuite (and other companies) shorten the link to:

Much neater don’t you think?

Resources – free social media dashboard– social media dashboard – free trial – free link shrinker and bookmark organiser