What’s the Future of SEO?

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What is the Future of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been around for many years now – once the arena for large companies, it’s become a must for everyone, big or small. It’s a shame to have invested in a shiny new website but no budget or considerations for SEO – then not appearing within the appropriate organic searches.

Back in the old days, SEO was considered to be simply a matter of word stuffing, regardless of the sense the content made to the reader. Not so these days. A cohesive site map, planned use of keywords, interlinking and back linking coupled with quality content gives you a leg up the organic rankings.

Then of course came, Google’s recent announcement about responsive sites ranking more highly than those that aren’t.

What’s The Future of SEO?

Despite the dramatic statement banded around of “SEO is Dead”, it isn’t! Mearly, growing up, evolving and continues to be an important part of your digital marketing. The future of SEO lies in it working along side your inbound marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing and SEO work well together – providing both front, back and side doors into your site. A key feature that helps these two aspects work together is an active blog, calls to action with offers/downloads to increase your lead generation.

Companies that have an active blog generate 126% more leads than those who do not. 43% of marketers who blog generate customers as a direct result of that blog. For those who blog every day, that number jumps to 82 percent. (Source: http://bit.ly/1EU2xkN).  Spending time planning your content and keywords is a must – providing you with a schedule over the coming months.

The Future of SEO – Wrapping Up

SEO works best when coupled with inbound marketing techniques, rather than a stand alone process. Two heads are better than one – working together as well as asking questions of each other on the best way forward.

TPG Design works with inbound marketing campaigns and can help you plan a joined up approach with your SEO efforts.

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