Digital To Do List #4 – Key Service Pages

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This week, we are looking at reviewing your key service pages.

The chances are, in “normal times”, you’re busy doing your usual job and getting all those other tasks done that seem to push your website to the bottom of the list. 

If your daily work routine has changed and you have some gaps in your day, reviewing the content for your key service or product pages is a great use of time. Take this opportunity to work on your business.

Read through the pages and have a think as to whether these still reflect the business and its services. It could be the case that these were written some time ago, possibly by someone who is no longer in the business, your target market has changed, expanded, or become more niche/focussed. 

In week 1 of our Digital to Do List, we suggested reviewing your keywords and phrases – do these marry up with your key service/product pages, or is there a discrepancy between them? 

If you have someone new in your business, ask them what they think of the website content – they will come at it from a different perspective. 

Your website visitors are potential clients and you want them to see your offering clearly and upfront.  If you have a variety of services, then consider having one umbrella page, with secondary level services pages coming from it – having a long page divided into sections is going to be overwhelming and isn’t best practice for SEO as the keywords are all competing on one page. 

Your potential clients want to see whether you provide the services they need and making sure that information is accessible as possible gives them a better user experience and hopefully for your website, a lower bounce rate.

Cornerstone Content – Yoast

Another WordPress tip is to install Yoast.  This is a great SEO and content check tool.  It comes in both free and premium versions. Check the meta descriptions for pages and the main default site description, also your image alt tags are all linked and relevant.

Once installed, don’t forget to use the Cornerstone Content button for your key service page.  Slide it to the “on position”, this then gives another layered signal to search engines about which content is the most important – particularly if you have similar topics.  

Team Pages

Check the bios are up to date including any recent qualifications or interesting projects that have been worked on. Not to mention the dreaded team photos!

We hope this is another useful addition to our Digital To Do List.

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