Bricks & Mortar vs. Design & Code?

October 22, 2013     / / /

Recently, we’ve had a few things need doing in our home – crack in the wall, leaky shower screen, electrical wire etc… and we have been putting these jobs off as the thought of finding a builder to fix them seemed bigger than the jobs themselves.  Previously we’ve been spoilt as our best friend is a builder and has done all our work – leaving us safe in the knowledge that our best interests were at the fore and we wouldn’t be over charged. But…he now lives in France so not really worth the travel. I asked around local friends and there were some possible contacts but we were then lulled back to safety with our friend’s Dad coming around to fix them.

It struck me that finding a builder is the same as finding a web agency:

  • You have a back-of-the-head feeling that you need to deal with it – it won’t fix itself.
  • Put it off a bit because it feels like hard work and there are always other priorities
  • Not sure what budget you have and what if it’s not a full day – will you get charged for the day?
  • Try and get some recommendations – who do your friends use?

At TPG we are proud to say that 99% of our work over the past 12 year’s is from word of mouth.  Not a bad track record.  Our clients stay with us and some have been with us right from the start; we’re glad to hear from them for any large or small jobs that they can’t manage themselves.

We keep time sheets from 15 minutes upwards so there is no full hour’s charge if it’s just a quick fix that’s needed. Our clients can even view our timesheets live and remotely – if they feel like it on a quiet Friday afternoon!

So if you’ve got that feeling in the back of your head that you need to take the plunge with a website, update you existing one or think you could do with some support and maintenance, get in touch! We’d be proud to have you join us.