Ideas for Writing a Blog

Biting The Blog Bullet

December 13, 2013     / / / / / /

Ideas for Writing a Blog

As we turn the corner into the final straight of 2013, how about making 2014 the year you bite the blog bullet?  Your own blog will showcase your skills and specialties and demonstrate that you are abreast of current trends.

If you haven’t been able to put fingers to the key board but you know you need to get started, why not set yourself up a simple editorial calendar which can help structure some easy win blog posts throughout the year. For example – use industry events, holidays, hot topics, top tips and relevant legal news that effect your industry.

Checking out what your competitors and/or industry experts are writing about  is a good way to get your creative juices flowing.  We don’t learn much just listening to ourselves!

Relevant statistics are always useful padding to write around.  A nice opportunity for an info-graphic as well!

Case studies from one of your recent projects work well and a client testimonial will add credibility.  Just get sign off from your client first.

If it’s just not happened one week, then a credited link through to a good article you’ve read with some of your own comments will do.  Just make sure that next week you write your own.

TPG can help you set up an editorial calendar, ticking off one thing from your 2014 list!

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