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Why We Love Website Briefs And You Should Too!

October 1, 2015     / / / /

best website brief

Website Briefs – What are they?

A bit of time spent writing your website brief can give you the best start to your new website journey.¬†Like most things, it’s worth giving a bit of time upfront to the planning.

Don’t assume that your chosen agency will know or understand what your business sells – having more insight that just your content text and images really helps us get you.

Spend some time writing a short description of what your business does – why are you different, do you have a particular skill or knowledge base?

So why does TPG Design love website briefs and why should you too? Because it helps us help you and everyone’s happy!


Here are our top pointers to get you on the right path:

  1. Short description of your business
  2. What do you want the site to do? Information giving or information gathering, selling a product?
  3. Site Structure idea – are there any legal requirements for your industry?
  4. Special Features
    newsletter/other subscription points/calls to action?
    ecommerce/shop facilities
    passworded areas
    live chat/help
    document downloads
    inbound marketing features
  5. Sites you Like – a screenshot speaks a 1,000 words for sites you like and dislike.
  6. Budget – the big one! Be realistic then the agency can plan a solution according to your budget.
  7. Stakeholders – who do you need to consider?current clients
    new clients
    share holders
  8. Technology Preference – most clients look to the agency to guide them on this, but if you do have a preference for a particular ecommerce or CMS system, then let us know.
  9. Timing – do you have a deadline to work to – an event, trade show, speaker slot, seasonal festivities? Plan in advance as the build and design will take longer than you think as it takes time to get it just right and needs considered input from everyone involved.
  10. Hosting Details – if you have a current site, give your chosen agency the hosting, ftp, c-panel details. If in doubt, call up your current hosting company and check the details with them first.It’s important that you own your domain name and hosting details, after all, it’s your website!

Some of these pointers might seem like a big ask, but if you get organised up front, the project will run more smoothly and you will have a better result at the end – a website you want and need!

Download our website brief to help you get started.

website brief