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Rich Snippets – 7 Ways to Use Them

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rich snippets

Attracting visitors to your website is a constant pre-occupation for most of us.  In your next review, think about including rich snippets – search engines love them!

What are rich snippets

Rich snippets are additional pieces of information that search engines are able to recognise on your web pages – they enhance the searcher’s understanding of what the page is about and make it easier for search engines to crawl your site. The major search engines, such as Google and Bing, create rich snippets in their search results when webmasters use special structured HTML markup in their content. Research published online shows that results with rich snippets regularly get clicked 20% or even 30% more than regular listings.

There are currently 7 content types which rich snippets can be used on, to attract more visitors to your site::

  1. News Article
  2. Event
  3. Product
  4. Review
  5. Recipe
  6. Software Application
  7. Video

All the main search engines are now “rich snippets friendly” and they, like us, like an easy life, so crawling a site that has been set up for rich snippets, makes them happy! Having rich snippets on your website helps your business and your products to be better indexed and understood by potential customers..

Below are some examples of how your website could look on Google search results if you apply rich snippets. Notice some of the key features –  time frames displayed, prices, dates, reviews, etc.. all making it easy for the visitor to get a clear snapshot of information.

News Article

rich snippets - news article









Software Application





If you like the sound of adding rich snippets for your website, whether it’s for an event, blog content or a product, Get In Touch!

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