5 Tips for your Video Content Strategy

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video content strategy

When planning your digital content strategy, don’t forget to include video. Videos give clients an immediate insight into you and your business. Some stats below show how video is an important part of the organic search process.

Stats from Digital Sherpa[fancy_list type=’tick’]

  • You Tube is 2nd most popular search engine
  • Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%
  • An Average User Spends 16 Minutes 49 Seconds Watching Online Video Ads Every Month [/fancy_list]

#1 Video Content Strategy – Home Page Placement

A video placed on the home page peaks our interest and curiosity and it’s great place to have your video to showcase you and your business.   A Video brings your product/service to life and makes it memorable.

#2 Video Content Strategy – Tracking

The reason for measuring or tracking your video’s performance is to understand the areas of success and the areas that need improvement.  You may need to revisit and think about:

Location – Is it in the wrong place, above the fold, more than 1 location?  Users search in different ways and providing different entrance points takes this into consideration.

Length – too long?  Are visitors dropping off after 20 seconds?  Do you need to move your content around?

Content – Do you need to find a new topic, or is the topic OK, more the angle?

#3 Video Content Strategy – Social Media

Posting your videos on social media helps expand your audience and find potential customer bases.  Think about what groups/forums you belong to.

#4 Video Content Strategy – SEO

Providing a transcript of you video is a tick for SEO.  When planning your transcript, include you keywords, search terms/long tailed phrases.

#5 Video Content Strategy – Charging

If you want to create a pay per view library of videos, there are various options, alternating between monthly subscriptions v no subscription but a % of sales. Some options include:

A good Plugin which allows a number of features to be managed from the WordPress site: Vimeography

Amazon offers a solution – the upfront costs for integration would need to be considered: Amazon

Tinypass requires also having a relatively expensive Video Cloud hosting account with one of 3 specific providers that can be costly: Tinypass

Think about your buyer personas, their challenges and how your video can lead them through the buyer journey.

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