3 Common Website Problems and 3 Quick Fixes

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Keep on track with your webiste

Don’t get lost on your way, read our 3 quick fixes to keep you on track.

Problem: Too Much Information

Don’t let your visitors get bogged down in data, especially on your home page.

Fix: The old “less is more” tip holds strong and don’t let your call to action get lost.  

Problem: Who Is This?

Your design doesn’t reflect your brand.

Fix: Spend time before jumping in deciding on who you are.  Right impression first time.

Problem: Dated Content

Do your visitors see that your last post was 6 month’s ago?

Fix: Find your tone of voice and stick with it. Make a list of topics that you come across from other sources to help with inspiration.  If you want to be really organised, set up an editorial calendar making the most of simple topics like seasonal change, industry events, industry (horizontal and vertical) related dates etc..

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