How to maximise local search

10 ways to maximise local search

July 10, 2018    

How to maximise local search

If you’re looking to cherry pick an audience in your area, town or county, read on for our blog on how to maximise your local search.

Local can mean your particular post code, a geographical area (e.g. south west London), a county or somewhere in between. Like all SEO, prioritising your list of long tailed keywords or key phrases that fit your needs best, is your first important step.   After you’ve produced the list, collect traffic data bout the keywords; by doing this you can start understanding the relative competitiveness of the keywords and how to balance frequency with competition.

These keywords and phrases can be dotted through appropriate pages, blog pieces and social media.

Some more tips from TPG Design to get you started:

  1. Type in “florist near me”, “business coach near me” or whatever service you are looking for and this will bring up good selection of websites that rank well for local area SEO.
  2. Set up both Bing Places and Google Business profiles.  Ask as many clients as possible for recommendations/reviews on these profiles as people tend to click on sites that have more positive reviews than high rankings.  The old saying people buy from people rings true here.
  3. Links to and from relevant local businesses.
  4. Try and use a local telephone number – it feels truer to have a local number than an 0800 or 0203 for example.
  5. Have a map on your contact page.
  6. Use quality local directories (online and traditional).
  7. Create landing pages for each location you want to be found in.
  8. Include location specific keywords in your meta descriptions.
  9. If you produce video content on YouTube, don’t forget to use YouTube SEO.  YouTube is the second most popular search engine, owned by Google.
  10. Posting content on LinkedIn and piggy backing off their search engine power.

If you’d like to talk to a friendly team about SEO, content planning, keyword research or website design get in touch with TPG Design!

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