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10 Questions for Organic Search

September 26, 2014     / / / / / /

TPG Design Organic Search

This month we’ve put together a starter check list to make sure you’ve got the basics covered for your organic search.  Get these right and they will be the backbone of your SEO techniques.

Organic Search Check List

  • Do your key words/phrases appear in your headings?
  • Do your key words/phrases appear in your first paragraph?
  • Do you link in and out to relevant sites from your blog items/news items?
  • Do you link to and from your website to your social media channels?
  • Do you regularly check for any broken links on your website?
  • Has your developer set up free Search Engine Optimisation plugins for your chosen CMS?
  • Has your developer submitted a site map of your website to Google?
  • Has your developer set up re-directs to your new site, if you have an existing site?
  • Do you use Google Analytics?  This free tools helps you to see how visitors use your website or where they loose interest and leave.
    Google Analytics
  • Do you use free tools to help with choosing your keywords?
    Wordtracker Scout or  Keyword Eye